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  • Aidan Flynn

3 Ways to Extend The Capabilities of FSL Mobile

Salesforce Field Service Lightning - the Mobile App

Field Service Lightning offers a fantastic mobile app to manage the complex logistics of field-based teams.

While the app is incredibly powerful in reasonably simple break-fix & maintenance tasks, a common bugbear we hear is the lack of flexibility around customizing the application.

Challenges arise when it’s necessary to add custom functionality beyond the humble Flow, Quick Action or App Extension.

However, there are practical solutions that can be used in tandem with FSL Mobile to enrich the field-based functionality, provided the client can stomach an interlinked 2-app solution. Let’s look at the most common scenarios:

1. Extend the App using Salesforce Mobile

Let’s say you have functionality that is available in Salesforce Mobile but not in FSL Mobile. Sometimes it can be appropriate to use app extensions to switch between the two.

If you’re doing this, it’s advisable to first analyze the offline requirements as it works in different ways across the two apps.

It’s also important to use app extensions in the right way to minimize the impact on the user flow.

2. Look to The AppExchange

We’ve now seen a couple of projects where extensive data collection and processing are necessary during the appointment. Some of the scenarios included 50-page questionnaires, and also field-based quote & invoice generation.

For this, we used Formyoula which has some amazing capabilities for connecting with the Salesforce object model at prices you wouldn’t think were possible.

FSL mobile handled the logistics, and an app extension allowed the user to jump out into a partially pre-populated form in the Formyoula app to get the tricky part done.

3. Custom Mobile

When all else fails, Field Service Lightning’s desktop tools can be utilized by dispatchers and managers to provide the object model, dispatch console and powerful business logic which feeds into scheduling decisions - except with the Service Appointments being pushed out to a custom mobile solution.

It’s certainly a more intensive path to follow in terms of development effort, but custom mobile development isn’t the minefield it used to be and is more than accessible in the midmarket-upwards arena.


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