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Salesforce CPQ - A Handy Presentation Hack

If you’ve ever been in a Salesforce CPQ product demo with a potential customer, you’ll normally notice that the Solution Engineer uses a button within the Opportunity to directly open the Quote Line Editor  - like the one below.

Salesforce CPQ "Edit Lines" Button

This is actually a custom component they’re using which doesn’t come as standard with the product, it’s really just for demonstration purposes.

Being a stickler for presentation on client demos, it’s been bugging me for ages but I finally got round to finding a way of achieving this without code.

Here’s How We Did It

I screen-grabbed a button from the Lightning Component library and resized it to 30x90 pixels in “Preview” on the Mac, cutting out the white edges from the image I’d taken. You can steal this one if that sounds arduous:

Salesforce CPQ "Edit Lines" Button - the Button itself.

I added the image as a file in Lightning. Then I created a text formula field on the Quote object with the following syntax: HYPERLINK(‘/apex/sbqq__sb?scontrolCaching=1&id=’+Id,IMAGE(“/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/renditionDownload?rendition=ORIGINAL_Png&versionId=0681D000000qZcQQAU&operationContext=CHATTER&contentId=0691D000000qJICQA2”, “Edit Lines” , 30,90),”_self”) After this, I edited the Opportunity Page Layout, adding my image formula as the first field on display for the Quote Related List. Finally, I sat back and enjoyed the feeling of having exorcised a longstanding demon. Note:

  • Version ID = the ID of the File Version

  • Content ID = the ID of the File

  • You may need to replace the quotation marks & commas with new ones when copying & pasting if you run into any syntax issues

  • “_self” is what I used to open the link in the same window, which fitted well with my use case

  • On save, we are returned to the Quote rather than the Opportunity, which also fitted well with my use case



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