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Diversity - Equality - Inclusion

Brick Lane fosters a workplace grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion that can be achieved through a blend of strategic initiatives. Firstly, the company embraces diverse hiring, actively seeking candidates from varied backgrounds and employing methods to minimize unconscious bias. This commitment to diversity extends to nurturing an inclusive culture, where employees undergo regular training in understanding and valuing differences. Brick Lane uses Skill Path courses: “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace” and “Diversity & Inclusion in Hiring”.


The result of such a hiring and training process is the employment of experts and engagement with service providers from Diverse backgrounds.


Promotion and development opportunities are transparent and equitable, ensuring all employees have equal access to growth. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) flourish, offering safe spaces for underrepresented staff to connect and voice their concerns. The organization also adapts to diverse needs through flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options and family-friendly policies.


Leadership plays a pivotal role, trained in inclusive practices to ensure every team member feels valued. The company's commitment to diversity also influences its external relationships, prioritizing partnerships with diverse suppliers and engaging with local communities to support underrepresented groups. Finally, the company holds itself accountable, regularly evaluating its DEI efforts and making necessary adjustments to ensure continuous improvement in creating a workplace where everyone belongs and thrives.

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