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Building Tableau Analytics Cloud powerful data Capabilities

Tableau Analytics Cloud offers a fantastic application to manage the complex analytical models.

The app has incredible flexibility around building powerful data cubes. The most common models you can build are:

1. Descriptive (The Power of Now)

Tableau descriptive models are summarized data sets, that represent a group or collection of descriptive information.

These can provide a critical view of the variability of your production data and add to your analytical capabilities the ability to access your "most recent" performance.

What happened!

2. Predictive (What it could be)

Tableau predictive models provide organizations the capability to predict future trends and events, to forecast potential scenarios.

These models will predict what will happen next and help you define a plan of action to optimize your performance.

What could happen!

3. Prescriptive (What it should be)

Tableau prescriptive models are a form of data sets, that based on past performance a trends will suggest what opportunities you can take advantage of.

These will inform you on what should happen in the future and help you establish what you should do.

What should happen!

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