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Lightning Scheduler Helps with Surgery. Plus, Chimps.

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler

People keep asking us here at #BrickLane HQ if Lightning Scheduler is a precursor to Field Service Lightning, like some kind of gateway drug.

The answer is that they are two distinct beasts but, like humans & chimps, they share a lot of the same DNA and some common characteristics.

Now with that monkey off our backs we can get to the serious stuff.

Lightning Scheduler is part of the Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud packages whilst also being available as an add-on to standard Salesforce editions.

The two cannot exist in the same org.

What do they have in common?

What Salesforce Lightning Scheduler has in common with Field Service Lightning

How are they different?

How Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is different to Field Service Lightning

Yeah yeah, what about the use case?

Let’s fire up the Youtube and look at Lightning Scheduler in use for a healthcare provider who provide routine surgical procedures.

Have you got any more chimp pics?

That’s yer lot unfortunately.

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