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CPQ and Billing: Enabling Growth of US High Tech companies in 12 weeks

The High Tech industry is highly competitive. Hence, is dependent on its capabilities to generate quotes and orders fast, and link these with their billing system.

In Silicon Valley, only, there has been a big wave of High Tech companies addressing the above challenge by implementing integrated CPQ and Billing systems (eg. Salesforce).

But how do you quickly scale up a Salesforce environment to support this need in the industry?

High Tech/ SaaS - CPQ and Billing - Customer Success Story

Brick Lane implemented an MVP in 12 weeks via an Agile methodology, allowing additional functionality to be done in later phases.

Customer Challenge

  • Replace inefficient legacy custom setup with a future-proof quoting, contracting & invoicing system to support go-to-market across a new line of SaaS products.

  • Inefficiencies in the quoting process.

MVP Solution

  • Generate subscription-based pricing, templates, approval, eSignature, contract amendments & renewals.

  • Use CPQ to build highly configurable product bundles.

  • Integrate Conga Composer to allow detailed contracts.

  • Use CPQ to configure products feeding into Orders.

  • Implement Billing to generate Invoices (linked to Orders), payment management capabilities and revenue recognition reporting.

MVP Result

  • Ability to produce quotes in minutes.

  • Ability to run the entire Order management & Billing in Salesforce.

  • Centralization of Pricing & Discounting.

  • Automation of the recurring Billing cycle.

  • Integration of Billing functionality with ERP system.

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