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Covid-19 Testing: A Salesforce-Driven Model

Salesforce for Healthcare - A Model for Covid-19 Lab Testing in Health Cloud

Note: If you're more interested in vaccination than testing, you can read about that here.

After the onset of the global pandemic, some healthcare firms with laboratory capabilities were approached by their state governments to lend a hand with the testing process.

This is likely to continue and in fact expand throughout 2021 as the distribution chain struggles under the challenge of mass vaccination, with some predicting that herd immunity won’t be achieved until well into 2022.

As we learn to live a little more freely —  but with a close eye on the risk of contagion —  rapid testing will be imperative in public settings such as airports and schools but also in the corporate world.

For healthcare firms looking to quickly roll out a technology model to support this kind of activity, Salesforce offers a number of advantages over other CRM systems, in particular the relatively sharp development times.

In the model we’re outlining here, Salesforce is used as the patient management system with data flowing in and out from HL7 Interfaces, Lab Management Systems and Finance Control.

Basic Data Flow

A data flow for Covid-19 lab testing in Salesforce

High-Level Architecture

High level architecture of a Covid-19 lab testing system in Salesforce Health Cloud

Go To Market Quickly

Using Agile Methodology, it’s possible to scale up quickly by releasing the “must-haves” first and returning later to boost efficiency. When you get started, the important things are probably:

  1. Patient referrals via HL7

  2. Basic patient management functionality for clinical staff using Salesforce Health Cloud

  3. Bi-directional integration with the lab management system

  4. Exporting reports to send to finance and government systems

The touchless patient registration systems and HIPAA-friendly automated result notifications can probably wait until a later phase, assuming your admin team can handle some manual work in the meantime.


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