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The 5 weeks Vaccination Challenge: Scaling Up Covid-19 Response in Salesforce

Covid-19 Vaccination using Salesforce Health Cloud

In the last article we covered the high level architecture of a Salesforce-based lab testing system.

Including the boosters, there are over half a billion shots in the arm to be given in the US, which means that a broad spectrum of healthcare firms will need to play their part.

But how do we quickly scale up a Salesforce environment in 5 weeks to support that?

Basic Data Flow

In this flow we follow patient referrals via HL7 into Salesforce, through a touchless registration process before they’re scheduled to a slot to be vaccinated.

When that’s done, they get a reminder some months later so they can get the booster.

The information flows through to ERP for finance purposes, and also reports are sent to the state government.

Data flow for Covid-19 vaccinations in Salesforce Health Cloud


Architecture for Covid-19 vaccinations in Salesforce Health Cloud

Go-To-Market Quickly

Taking the Agile route here allows you to push out an MVP without the full functionality, provided you have the admin support to plug the gaps while later phases address efficiency and integration.

The must-haves to get started may include:

  1. HL7 Integration, incoming to Salesforce. Outgoing can come at a later stage.

  2. Salesforce for patient management, with automation around the setup of booster appointments.

  3. Tracking model for adverse effects reporting.

  4. Exported Salesforce reports for the ERP system to control finance, and to send raw data to the state government.


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