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How do you achieve integrated Salesforce B2B Commerce & Marketing Clouds benefits?

As organizations around the globe seek to increase their revenue numbers, B2B Commerce and Marketing integrated strategies are a must these days.

At Brick Lane we have integrated Salesforce B2B Commerce and Marketing clouds for various types of organizations and we have found that the key benefit is Sales increase through improved customer experience. However, the question is how do you achieve this?

1. Product recommendations

Salesforce B2B Commerce cloud has native capabilities to provide product recommendations once the buyer has confirmed an order. Nevertheless, engaging with the buyer via email a few days later is a powerful strategy to remind them of the alternative products -related with their recent purchase- they can buy.

2. Left Cart and did not check out

Due to the fast pace times in which we live, when we attempt to make a purchase we may not culminate the order. An easy way to help buyers with this challenge is to send a notification a few hours later, reminding them that they did not finalize their purchase. This is a great way to improve the buyer’s experience and increase the likelihood of orders closure.

3. Viewed a product but did not purchase

An excellent approach to provide a personalized service is to engage with potential buyers and let them know that they have shown an interest in a product, which they may benefit from. By sending them a landing page of the product they have viewed and providing them with the opportunity to purchase the product.

Robert Stephens is a Co-Founder at Brick Lane, a Healthcare & Manufacturing specialist Salesforce partner.


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