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How To Integrate HL7 Patient Data with Salesforce

As the world and their gran will tell you, better-connected patient data will come to define the 2020s.

Trying to interface HL7 data with Salesforce has been mainly an enterprise pursuit so far.

But more cost-efficient methods are starting to emerge for the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry, especially if you have either (1) a good HL7 Interface or (2) an existing ESB in your stack.

Let’s take a look at a real-life example, using the following data flow:

A model for the integration of Salesforce & HL7 data: In this instance an SFTP is used with an ESB to move the data.

Step 1

If Salesforce is triggering the request for patient history, the message will be sent from Salesforce to the ESB, where it will be sent on to the HCP.

Step 2

Since HCPs tend to send the patient data by different methods, the requests are sent to a secure FTP Server.

Step 3

The ESB will request the relevant HL7 data from the FTP on a regular frequency, which it then takes and transforms it into a suitable format for Salesforce.

Step 4

The data is in Salesforce and is processed according to the functional specifications of Health Cloud  -  Patient Intake, Health Assessments, Care Plans, Care Programs etc.

Step 5

The data is processed and any return messages, such as results, are sent from Salesforce to the ESB, where they are sent on to the relevant HCP.

How Can We Make it More Cost-Effective?

The ESB part leaves options around how to move the data in and out of Salesforce.

And whether those options are pre-built or custom will be dictated largely by the circumstances.

As a less expensive option than an Enterprise ESB, Qvera offers a cost-effective HL7 Interface from which you can send messages in a JSON or XML format to Salesforce. So using this method you cut out the ESB altogether.

Or if you’re able to utilize Informatica or Mulesoft, then you’re already in a solid position to get started due to pre-existing templates for HL7.

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